What is the Women in High Tech Research Project?

There's a lack of women in high tech and companies are working to "fill the pipeline." This is needed but doesn’t address why women leave at much higher rates than men. When compared to other demanding professions (law, business, medicine) women in tech are more likely to become disheartened. So how do we keep women engaged and successful? The industry has long documented the problem — but we don’t really understand what is going on — and what to do.

Recognizing the lack of in-depth field research into women’s experiences at work, and to create a framework for action, a study was launched as part of a course taught at Stanford University by Karen Holtzblatt, CEO of InContext Design. The research was a 360° inquiry into the daily lives of women working in engineering, HCI, product management, or related occupations in high tech companies. Looking for success factors, the inquiry focused on the day-to-day work experience, including teamwork, meetings, management interactions, support, and promotions. From this research, an initial set of findings and an action framework have been created. The initial research has been presented at conferences.

The research is continuing, including through a program at the University of Maryland where Karen is a Research Scientist. We’re currently looking for researchers and academics to be interviewed by graduate students. The students are looking at the lives and challenges of academic and research women in technology. We want to interview women professionals ages 25-45 who are early in their careers and in research organizations in large companies, research associates working in collaboration with professors, assistant professors, and associate professors. Interviews will run between 1.5-2 hours and take place through mid-November.

If you have a different background, feel free to complete the survey and we’ll hold your information for future rounds.

Your responses to this survey and interview are strictly confidential. No identifying personal information will be disclosed. You will not receive any marketing or other email communications from InContext unless (a) you are already on InContext's mailing list or (b) you go to the InContext Design website and sign up.

To learn more about the Women in Tech Project, Karen Holtzblatt, and ways to support the work, go to: http://www.incontextdesign.com/womenintech/.

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