* 1. Compared to your shopping experiences on other websites, how does the Dave and Adam’s Card World website compare?

* 2. How would you rate your experience with the following features and functions on the dacardworld website?

  Extremely Negative Negative Average Postive Extremely Positive N/A
Ease of Use Overall
Finding Products in General
Finding a Specific Product
Finding Products Using Search
Browsing the Site
Quality of Product Images/Descriptions
Using a Gift Certificate or Discount Code
Putting Products in Shopping Cart
Selecting a Free Gift
Checking Out

* 3. How many times have you visited the Dave and Adam’s Card World website in the past year?

* 4. Which of these terms best describes the primary reason for your visit to the website today?

* 5. Did you have any difficulties using the website?

* 6. We’re always looking to get better. Do you have and suggestions or ideas to improve the Dave and Adam’s Card World website?