What should the Federal Government's priorities be heading into 2019?

Many of you have told me about the everyday challenges you face and how you are worried about your future.

The federal government has an important role in addressing many of those challenges and shaping a better future. Our federal government must be bold as it builds our nation for tomorrow while balancing the current needs of its citizens such as effectively providing federal services and governing the country.

Your economic security depends upon a government that sets the right priorities and strong federal leadership that delivers on them.

As the year comes to a close, we've made a list of Canada’s Top 10 Priorities for 2019.

We want your feedback on Canada’s Top 10 Priorities and any other concerns you have with this government so we can work to build a better Canada in 2019.

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* 2. Are there any other issues that are important to you going into 2019?

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