* 1. As you reflect on the year, how have you grown in the planning of your lessons/units?

* 2. Who/what has most supported you in planning/preparing for your lessons?

* 3. What classroom management practices have you refined throughout the year?

* 4. What, if any, classroom management challenges still exist in your classroom?

* 5. How have your classroom assessment practices evolved over the year?

* 6. What do you need to move forward with your classroom assessment practices?

* 7. How have you differentiated instruction for your students?

* 8. What additional support do you need to create additional 'differentiated' activities or lessons?

* 9. How, specifically, did your assigned mentor help you grow throughout the year?

* 10. What would you change about the mentoring and induction program? Please comment on induction meetings as well as assigned mentor component.

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