All student complaints will be reviewed and acted upon. If you want a response, you must include your name and contact information in the form below. Otherwise, we cannot contact you about any resolutions. 

All submissions will be kept confidential to the extent possible given the need to investigate the complaint, maintain campus safety, and comply with federal, state, or local mandates.

If your complaint is regarding a grade, the NMJC Student Handbook, page 19, has detailed recommendations for appealing your grades.

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* 5. Name of individual and/or department against whom the complaint/grievance is filed:

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* 7. Are there any witnesses who should be interviewed? If yes, list names and contact information.

* 8. Students are encouraged to discuss their concerns and complaints through informal conferences with the appropriate instructor or campus administrator. Have you made an attempt to resolve this complaint or grievance with the individual and/or department involved?

* 9. If yes, describe the outcome:

* 10. What outcome do you hope to achieve after talking to the appropriate college officlal(s)?

I understand that information contained in the grievance form will be held confidential to the fullest extent possible. Grievance information may be shared with college officials in order to conduct a thorough investigation. I hereby declare that the information on this form is true, correct, and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that any misrepresentation of information may result in disciplinary actions, in accordance with college disciplinary policies.