Synth App Research.

Thank you for your participation, your time is greatly appreciated and your experience invaluable.

This is part of a student study, no profit will be made from your information. Any products developed will be free and all code shared open source.

* 1. Of the apps you currently have on your smart phone, about how many are synthesiser apps?

* 2. Of those synthesiser apps, about how many were free?

* 3. About how often do you use your phone as a synthesiser?

* 4. How often do you use a smart phone in your music creation, performance or production?

* 5. Overall, How satisfied are you with a smart phone as a musical interface?

* 6. How satisfied are you with the current design and usability of smart phone synthesisers?

* 7. For synth use, how satisfied are you with a phones screen size as a controller?

* 8. Have you any further comments on the phone as a synth?