[Please note that the TEN ACTS will be available in additional languages in the coming days]

* 1. I confirm, and am authorized by my organization to confirm, that my organisation, named in #2 below, agrees to be listed as a signatory to the Now and How: TEN ACTS for the Global Compact , which details a civil society vision for a transformative agenda for human mobility, migration and development in the Global Compact for Migration.

* 2. Full name of my organisation, and acronym if commonly used:

* 3. My contact information:

* 4. Headquarters of my organisation:

* 5. Website of my organisation:

* 6. Primary character of my organisation (only tick one): 

* 7. Is your organisation a migrant/diaspora organisation or led by a migrant or diaspora member? (For this form, 'diaspora' means either you or at least one of your parents or grandparents are or were migrants)?

* 8. Are you a refugee, a migrant (for this survey, 'migrant' means outside your country of birth for more than one year), or consider yourself to be of the diaspora?

* 9. Are you engaging nationally, regionally or globally with states or other stakeholders towards this Global Compact for Migration process, and/or the related process to develop a Global Compact for Refugees?

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