September 19th - 22nd 2013
Dublin, Ireland


Please note: All fees are assessed in Euro and subject to VAT at 23%. All prices are exclusive of handling, freight, transport, packing, loading, and insurance charges unless otherwise agreed to in writing.



* Euro Cheque payments must be drawn on an Irish bank and made payable to "Abbey Conference & Corporate/ICPAN.”
Please post cheque to:
ICPAN 2013 Secretariat
c/o Abbey Conference & Corporate
City Gate, 22 Bridge Street Lower
Dublin 8, Ireland

** Bank transfer information is provided to the Exhibitor (Client) via an invoice sent to the e-mail address listed on the application. Invoice will provide necessary bank transfer details.

Account holder’s name:

The company representative agrees to pay 100% of the sponsorship/exhibition cost booked in line with payment terms. All bookings are subject to the terms and conditions as detailed in the ICPAN 2013 prospectus.

Credit card account number:

Credit card expiration date:

Please select the appropriate category and list all product(s) to be showcased during the Exhibition:

Upon confirmation of exhibition/sponsorship, the Client is then responsible for the full cost. Full payment may be made at time of booking or in two installments: 50% upon booking and the remaining 50% to be paid at latest 4 months in advance (by Tuesday 30th April 2013).

Client priority in each category will depend on the order in which the Client committed to participate and on prompt payment. The Client acknowledges and understands that all other expenses/costs incurred by the Client in connection with the Exhibition are the sole responsibility of the Client, even in the event of cancellation by either party. All products associated with the Exhibition shall be at the Client’s risk.

All bookings are subject to the terms and conditions as detailed in the ICPAN 2013 Prospectus.
Submission of this application confirms agreement with the terms and cancellation policy set forth in the ICPAN 2013 Prospectus.

By this electronic signature I agree to these terms and conditions:

Data Protection Notice: The information provided on this form will be used solely by the ICPAN 2013 Organizing Committee. Acknowledgement of sponsorship participation will be publicised and website linkage established according to the sponsorship level selected. We respect your privacy and do not rent, sell or disclose personal information to any non-affiliated third party without prior consent.