* 1. About you:

* 4. When did you visit this venue?


* 5. Please rate your quality of service

  Yes No Don't Know
Did the Cashier/Checker verbally greet you?
Did the Cashier/Checker make eye contact?
Did the Cashier/Checker thank you?
Did the Cashier/Checker display knowledge of the products?
Were the displayed/advertised menu items available?
Were the posted hours the same as the actual hours?
Were there any unpublished menu changes?
Was the product temperature within proper range? (hot foods were hot, cold foods were cold)
Were menu products in stock and available?
Was the food portion size satisfactory?
Were condiments available and adequate?
Were the tables and chairs clean?
Was the condiment bar free of debris/clean?
Were the floors clean and dry?
Were the utensils fully stocked?
Were the trashcans clean and not overflowing?
Were the service counters clean and organizes?
Were the display cases clean?
Was the amount of time from entering the line to receiving your meal reasonable?
Was a manager present and/or visible during your visit?

* 6. Overall, how would you rate your dining service experience?

* 7. Please provide any additional comments about your quality of service