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The DEFINE Initiative is implementing its complimentary DEFINE Program: Business Skills Boost for Women Entrepreneurs and Women-led Micro and Small Enterprises (2022 DEFINE SKILLS Program) to boost women's business skills and accelerate their business development and growth.  

The sign-on session will be held during the first week of July 2022 (date and time to be confirmed).  The sign-on session will provide prospective women participants with (a) additional information on the 2022 DEFINE SKILLS Program; (b) one-on-one interaction with the proponents of the 2022 DEFINE SKILLS Program; and (c) an opportunity to sign-on and get onboarded.

Register below to attend the sign-on session and learn more about the 2022 DEFINE SKILLS Program.

Gateway Hotel & Apartments
Jacksons Parade Morea-Tobo Rd 7 Mile
Port Moresby 121, Papua New Guinea

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* Will you be attending the 2022 DEFINE SKILLS Program sign-on session?

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