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Growing vegetables, fruits and herbs in Wyoming can be challenging for many. 
To help new and established gardeners (whether they have a small backyard plot, hoop house, or grow on a larger scale) be more successful, we are interested in finding out which varieties of fruits, vegetables, and herbs you'd recommend that others try.
The more knowledge we gain, the better we can assist Wyoming gardeners.
  • Anonymous - All answers will be anonymous and you are not obligated in any way to complete this poll - but we hope you do!  The more knowledge we gain the better we can assist Wyoming gardeners. 
  • View the results - We will compile the results of this poll and provide them in an aggregated form (so that no individual's answers can be identified) on our website at and our Facebook page "Barnyards & Backyards: Rural Living in Wyoming"
  • Optional thank-you free publication - We are busy working on a new Wyoming Vegetable and Small Fruit Growing Guide for Beginning Producers. We expect it to be out in late 2019. If you would like to receive a free hard copy in the mail or be notified when the online version is available you will find a link at the end of the poll that will take you to a separate page (not linked to your poll responses) to enter in your contact information.
We greatly appreciate your willingness to take the time to contribute your valuable knowledge!