This survey is run by the Food Forest International Network (FFIRN), with the support of the Permaculture Association Britain. The aim is to establish a baseline for more detailed research into forest gardens and perennial polycultures.

Your participation in this survey will help us fill gaps in knowledge about how we can adapt ecosystem thinking to sustainable food production. The data gathered here will be made available to researchers via the FFIRN, and as much of it as possible will be placed in the public domain. Your contact details will only be shared if you explicitly permit us to do so, and in the ways indicated on the following pages.

While the main focus of this research project is on forest gardens over 5 years old, you are welcome to enter more recently planted ones.

In this survey, you will be asked about some site-specific details and information about plants. It may help having your base maps, design plans and management records to hand! Even if you haven't got any written or drawn records, please fill these sections in as much as you can, indicating where you are using estimates.

Thank you for your contribution!