I, and as the parent of the indicated child(ren), if any, hereby give approval for participation in any and all activities of the Coach Diana Memorial Co-ed Softball Tournament.  I / we do assume all risks and hazards incidental to the conduct of activities and transportation to and from the tournament.  I / we do further hereby release, and absolve, indemnity, and hold harmless the Hanover Township Little League, its agents and organizers and supervisors.  In case of injury to myself / our child(ren), I / we hereby waive all claims against the organizers and supervisors.  In consideration for the Township of Hanover permitting us to participate on a field or use a facility, I / we hereby and / or represent the following:

1)            I / we are in good mental health

2)            I / we understand that there may be some risks involved in the participation of the above sporting activities, including but not limited to those associated with weather conditions, equipment, and other participants.

3)            I / we fully assume the risks associated with the participation in said activity

4)            I /we hereby waive any and all claims that i may have against the Township of Hanover and its employees and its agents arising out of any personal injury or property damage that is incurred during said participation, whether active or inactive.

5)            I /we understand that my/our primary insurance carrier will be responsible for any and all insurance coverage in case of injury on the field during tournament play.  The insurance covering the Hanover Township Little League will only cover what is not covered by the primary medical insurance carrier of the participants.
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