1. Fire & Life Safety Customer Service Survey

The Darien-Woodridge Fire Protection District is continually exploring ways to better serve the community. In order to evaluate and improve our services, we need your input!

* 1. What type of service(s) did you use? (Check all that apply)

* 2. When did you use this service? (mm/dd/yyyy)

* 3. How would you rate...

  Excellent Good Average Poor Very Poor N/A
The attitude of respect, caring, and a sense of importance for helping others displayed by our people?
The professional appearance of our people, equipment and/or our stations?
The performance of our people and their jobs, was the job done well and efficiently?
The enthusiasm of our people about their job?
The special care taken by our people for you and your property?
The personal responsibility taken by our people to answer your questions and resolve your problems?
The anticipation of our people to help you without being asked?

* 4. Is there someone you would like to give special recognition to?

* 5. Please rate our services...

  Excellent Good Average Poor Very Poor N/A
9-1-1 / Dispatching
Prompt Response Time
Medical Treatment
Ambulance Transportation
General Inquiry
Fire Inspection
Public Education

* 6. Overall, how did we perform?

* 7. Do you have any additional comments or suggestions on how we can improve our service and better meet your expectations?

* 8. If you wish to be contact further please complete the following: