The purpose of this survey is to gather student opinions about the learning environment at the HACTC. These opinions will help improve the HACTC.


If you generally agree with the statement, choose "Agree". If you generally disagree with the statement, choose "Disagree". If you "Disagree", please explain your answer in the box provided.

* 1. What gender do you identify with?

* 2. Are you a sophomore, a junior or a senior?

* 3. What program do you attend at the HACTC?

* 4. My teacher treats me with respect.

* 5. I feel like I am a member of the HACTC community.

* 6. Students treat staff and teachers with respect.

* 7. I feel safe in the hallways of the HACTC.

* 8. I feel safe and comfortable in my program at the HACTC.

* 9. Classroom and instructional equipment are kept in safe, working order.

* 10. I treat other students with respect. 

* 11. Students in my program use equipment safely.

* 12. Staff and teachers treat each other with respect.

* 13. I feel safe on the bus ride to and from the HACTC from my home school.

* 14. I treat staff and teachers with respect.

* 15. Staff and teachers respond quickly and positively to discipline problems.

* 16. I use equipment safely and properly. 

* 17. Harassment in any of the following protected categories is handled promptly and effectively: race, color, creed, disability, sex, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

* 18. My teacher welcomes my opinions and ideas.

* 19. Students in my HACTC program treat me with respect.

* 20. While at the HACTC, students treat each other with respect.

* 21. My teacher is encouraging and caring.

* 22. The HACTC achieves is Mission Statement of Respect. Engage. Learn. Work. Serve. Grow. 

* 23. My teacher treats all students fairly.

* 24. I am engaged in my program at the HACTC.

* 25. My teacher challenges me to work to my potential.

* 26. My teacher recognizes my weaknesses and helps to improve them.

* 27. My teacher recognizes my accomplishments.

* 28. My teacher actively promotes teamwork in class.

* 29. Classroom and Instructional is kept current. 

* 30. I know how to get help or information at the HACTC.

* 31. I look forward to coming to the HACTC.

* 32. Is there a problem that concerns you or someone else at the HACTC that we should know about?

* 33. Please check all the following that apply to you.