* 1. I bought the guide for:

* 2. Would you pay for a hard-copy form of the guide? And if so, how much? (if you pick the $20-25 option, it’s assumed you’d also pay less so select your threshold)

* 3. My favorite thing(s) about the guide was: (just put didn't buy if - yep, you guessed it - you didn't buy & skip the next two)

* 4. My least favorite thing (besides copy-editing which will be the **primary** 2014 fix) was:

* 5. I’d like to see the following changed/added with the guide in 2014:

* 6. These next questions are about a potential venture that Paul is considering. On a scale 1-5, how interested would you be in a pitching-focused website?

* 7. Would you *subscribe* (i.e. pay for) to a pitching-focused site that included things like: game breakdowns, pitcher profiles, rankings with a fantasy bent, lists with a general focus (top 25 under age 25, etc…), chats, interviews, transaction analysis, year-round coverage, and plenty of other ideas as the site grows?

* 8. If yes, how much would you pay (choices are yearly rates) for such a site that guaranteed fresh content year-round ranging from smaller blog posts to long-form essays?

* 9. Would discounts for upcoming SP Guides as well as earlier access to it (probably no more than 2 weeks at most) *encourage* you to sign up?

* 10. Depending on interest levels, this venture would be aiming to start this season so if you’re interested in it (zero obligation right now… you’re just admitting interest) and want to join on the mailing list regarding its progress (updates would NOT be overwhelming at all) including some content samples being sent out before launch, please let me know the best email to stay in touch with you. This would also allow me to offer you a pre-order rate.

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