Introduction & Instructions

Thank you for participating in our 2018 Insurance and Benefits survey. This tool focuses on health, disability, retirement and other benefits.

This survey is being compiled online for your added convenience. For this reason, we have provided additional clarity as to how you can answer the questions and this platform allows you the opportunity to either complete your participation in one sitting or you can return at a later time to finish your participation.

IMPORTANT: if you intend to finish your participation at a later time, PLEASE fully complete the page that you were working on and then hit the "next" button at the bottom of that page which will signify that you have completed that survey page. You can then close out of the survey without losing your data. [Alternatively, if you cannot finish that page completely, proceed to the bottom of the page and hit the "next" button prior to closing out the survey.] Failing to hit the "next" button at the bottom of the page will cause that data entered on that page to not be saved upon exiting the online survey questionnaire.

Please review the questions carefully and answer only the questions that are relevant to your organization. Where the question asks for an answer in a specific format, please answer in the format requested.

The questions are broken down into pages and grouped by topic.

If you have any questions, please contact our offices toll-free at (877) 662-6444.

Please submit your responses no later than Friday June 22, 2018.

* 1. Please complete the following information for your primary location (if you want to submit separate for your separate locations, please contact our offices):

* 2. Is there anyone else you wish to receive a copy of the results when they become available (please identify the name and email address below):

* 3. Please indicate the total number of employees (whether full-time or part time) at your organization: (Please answer by keying in whole numbers...example: if your organization has 150 employees = simply key in 150.

* 4. Does your company have a union?