* 1. Gender?

* 2. Please indicate your age range.

* 3. What is your marital status?

* 4. Please indicate the term that best describes your occupation

* 5. I believe our congregation should exist primarily to (choose 1)

* 6. How long have you attended the Church?

* 7. On average how many times did you attend this church during this past year?

* 8. How involved are you in the Church?

* 9. Do you consider yourself a member of this congregation? (Member meaning that you attend here regularly, and you are involved in some form of ministry.)

* 10. Do you consider yourself to be a follower of Christ?

* 11. I am committed to supporting Christ's ministry through this church

* 12. Below is a list of local church activities. Please respond by indicating how you feel about each item

  Needs more emphasis Generally Satisfied Very Satified Receives too much emphasis
Worship provides a meaningful experience with God
Worship is well planned
Ministries to Children and Youth
Help members deepen their relationship with Jesus
Sharing the "good news" with the unchurched
Outreach in to the community 
Provide ministry to the sick, shut-in, and elderly
Provide Pastoral Counseling
Provide Fellowship opportunities
Help members understand the biblical perspective of stewardship and tithing
Support local and global missions
Help members discover their spiritual gifts
Learn more about  Church of God heritage and traditions
Prayer ministry of the church

* 13. Check False, Somewhat True, or True as each statement describes your congregation

  True Somewhat True False
Our church is safe
Our church regularly sees new people won to Christ
Our church is friendly to guests
Our church is well known for our work in the community
Our church shows grace to others
Our church is involved in mission work
Our church is concerned for the "least of these"
Our church is a place where people grow spiritually
I would invite my friends, neighbors, and/or relatives to church

* 14. Being a church in transition rank the areas of our church that need the most attention right now  (1 is highest, rank at least your top 3):

* 15. Rate the importance of each of the skills for our next pastor
Very Important
Somewhat Important
Not Important at all

  Very Important Somewhat Important Not Important at all
Preaching (Preparing & Preaching clear biblical messages to help people grow in their knowledge of God)
Teaching (Creatively presents Material in such a way that people learn)
Evangelism (Practices personally, as well as teaches congregation how to effectively communicate the Gospel to the others.)
Pastoral Care (Exhibits a "shepherds heart", loving and caring for the needs of the congregation and community.)
Visitation (Visiting in the homes of Church Members, Calling in the Hospital, Visiting in the Nursing Home.)
Equipping (Encouraging, Training, and Mobilizing people to discover and use their Spiritual Gifts for ministry.)
Leadership Development (Recognizing and developing leadership potential in others)
Counseling (providing personal help or directing people to trained people for specialized spiritual, psychological, and or social needs.)
Administration (Managing the Churches day to day operations and staff.)
Vision Casting (Communicating a picture of what the congregation can achieve and then setting goals to accomplish it.)
Planning (Establishing strategies and action plans to accomplish agreed upon goals.)
Motivating (Inspires people to do more than they dream and believe that they will do great things for God.)
Evaluating (Engages in the process of determining what works or does not work, what is needed or not needed, what is primary and what is secondary.)
Conflict Management (Able to manage or resolve differences of opinions, hurt feelings, and opposition)

* 16. How do you view the people of this congregation?  (Check all that are true for you)

* 17. My attitude about the future of this church is

* 18. Check 2 Professional Skills your NEXT Pastor should possess

* 19. Are there any spiritual needs in your life not being met by our congregation that you would like to share and to be lifted up in prayer?