1. Your opinion on the new shooting range and gun shop in Factoria

This survey was designed by residents of Bellevue who wish to raise awareness of gun sales and shooting ranges in our community.

There is a new shooting range and gun dealer open for business on 32nd Street in Factoria. This is the road to the King County Transfer Station and many family activities, such as dance, gymnastics, yoga and martial arts. There are now 4 gun shops and two shooting ranges in Bellevue.

Please take 5 minutes to fill out a 10-question survey and then email the survey link on to other Bellevue residents in your address book who would value the opportunity to comment.

You are also encouraged to email the Bellevue City Council (council@bellevuewa.gov) and Mayor Davidson (ddavidson@bellevuewa.gov) separately on this topic.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to do this.

* 1. Is this the first time you have filled out this survey?

* 2. How are you associated with Bellevue? (check all that apply)

* 3. If you live in Bellevue, how long have you lived here?

* 4. Do you have children?

* 5. Please share your opinion about the opening of the West Coast Armory, shooting range and firearms dealer, on 32nd Street in Factoria.

* 6. A shooting range is characterized by the City of Bellevue as a recreational activity, the same as a bowling alley or a dance studio. Please share your opinion on this.

* 7. Do you think a shooting range should open in Bellevue without public notice?

* 8. Sharing your information is optional.

* 9. Do you fear making your opinion public on this topic?

* 10. Please leave your email address if you would like to become more involed in the issue of guns and shooting ranges in Bellevue. You can also send an email inquiry to gunsnBellevue@hotmail.com