1. How did you find PBreview.com?

2. How often do you visit PBreview.com?

3. Why did you visit PBreview.com today?

4. What is your favorite thing about PBreview.com?

5. Do you find the information on PBreview.com to be helpful?

6. How would you improve PBreview.com? (check all that apply)

7. What is your favorite aspect of playing paintball?

8. How often do you play?

9. Would you consider yourself a paintball

10. Do you own (a) paintball (check all that apply)

11. When buying paintball equipment, do you search by

12. When deciding which field to play I focus mostly on (check all that apply)

13. What type of paintball do you prefer (check all that apply)

14. How many games do you typically play per outing?

15. How many national paintball events (PSP/NPPL) have you attended in 2008?

16. Do you belong to any paintball groups?

17. What other websites do you visit for paintball information or product reviews?

18. Age

19. Sex

20. Favorite types of movies

21. Favorite past time (choose up to 3)

22. I am a

23. How many online social networks (MySpace, Facebook) do you belong to?

24. On average how many hours a day to you spend online?

25. When online, I visit these types of sites (choose up to 3)

26. When looking for information online, I prefer