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The North Dakota Be Legendary logo has been designed as an integral part of the visual identity for the state of North Dakota.  The look and feel of the logo imagery for the state communicates an open, progressive and modern feel.  It anchors communications and over time will symbolize the meaning people associate with the North Dakota experience.

The North Dakota logo consists of two elements: the state logotype and the tagline.  The stacked configuration with the tagline is the preferred configuration.  The relationship of these elements should not be modified.
Basic Standards

North Dakota Be LegendaryTM is trademarked.  Follow the basic guidelines below when using the logo:
  • Only the colors specified here are allowed.
  • Never change the typefaces within the logo.
  • Never compromise the legibility of the logo.
  • When printing the logo on dark backgrounds or over photography, use the reverse logo.
Logo Guidelines

In order to maintain a consistent visual presence, use of the North Dakota Be Legendary logo must maintain certain guidelines.
  • The logo is a single piece of art.  Use only the original mark. Do not separate the elements.
  • Do not adjust, modify, add to or recreate any element of the logo.
  • Placement is intended to vary based upon usage.
Minimum size - Only use the logo 3/4" or larger in height in any logo configuration.  For the stacked logo, measure from the top of NORTH to the bottom of Be Legendary.  For the logotype with tagline, measure from the top of North to the bottom of D on Dakota.

Clear Space and Minimum Sizes - A minimum clearance must be maintained between the logo and other graphical elements.  The clear space around the signature is equal to the height of the letters in NORTH.

Horizontal Logo - Use the horizontal logo when the primary (stacked) configuration does not fit comfortably in the space available or when space constraints reduce the impact of the Be Legendary tagline.  Both elements of the logo (logotype and tagline) must be used together, without modification of the relationship between the elements.

Agency Lockups - Logos include the stacked logo with a vertical bar and department name to the right in black, reversed or harvest orange.  Note that we have dropped "Department of" in the logo.  

Usage of Logo
  • All use of North Dakota Be Legendary must have been granted permission through the State of North Dakota.
  • The logo should be used in the white, black or orange colors.  Never change the logo colors.
  • The logo is a single piece of art.  Use only the original.  Do not separate the elements.
  • Do not distort, modify, add to or recreate any element of the logo.
  • State of North Dakota must be notified of any intended use of the logo.  A proof or concept showing the intended use must be submitted prior to product printing or production.
  • The North Dakota Be Legendary logo cannot be used on merchandise for sale or promotional purposes without the express written consent of the State of North Dakota.
  • Usage of the North Dakota Be Legendary logo is for a 3 year term and can be renewed at that time.
Other uses of the logo which do not fall within the described categories will be considered on a case-by-case basis and can only be used with written consent.

Terms and Termination

State of North Dakota reserves the right to decline, to accept or renew any logo permission for any reason.

The use of the logo is good for the indicated time frame approved.  At the completion of that time, another application must be approved.  The State of North Dakota reserves the right to terminate the agreement if the logo is being used in areas outside of this agreement or if the organization is no longer using the design to promote the positive image of North Dakota.

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* 1. Applicant/Agency Name

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* 2. Contact Name

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* 3. Email

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* 4. Phone Number

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* 5. Explain how logo will be used

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* 6. North Dakota Be Legendary Logo Choices (check all that apply)

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* 7. Are you a state agency?

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* 8. Grant of License

State of North Dakota grants a nonexclusive, non transferable license to use the North Dakota Be Legendary logo for the purpose described above.  Applicant accepts all terms in this trademark permission and agrees to the policy.  If in the future a change to this policy cannot be agreed to by the applicant, the applicant may terminate the contract and will have 60 days to cease using the North Dakota Be Legendary logo.

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* 9. Terms and Termination

This trademark permission shall continue in-force for the date of use provided above, unless sooner termination is provided. Upon the expiration or termination of this trademark permission, applicant shall immediately discontinue all use of the logo and destroy all product and material bearing the logo, unless applicant first obtains written permission to distribute remaining stock on-hand. The State of North Dakota has the right to terminate this trademark permission upon breach of any of the policies.

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* 10. Ownership: Quality Control

Applicant acknowledges and agrees that 1) State of North Dakota owns the logo and applicant will not do anything inconsistent with such ownership. 2) All use of the logo by applicant shall insure North Dakota's image. 3) Applicant shall use trademark symbol along the North Dakota Be Legendary logo. 4) Provide a picture of finished product.

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* 11. Signature

Please input today's date into the Signature Date box. Please type your name into the Applicant Signature box, this represents your signature on the logo usage application.

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