* 1. I have a GT identified student attending Russell County School District.

* 2. I know where to access a copy of the school district policy and procedures for gifted student identification.

* 3. The district takes referrals for the identification of GT students at least once a year.

* 4. Nominations are taken for all grade levels, K-12.

* 5. The district uses at least 3 criteria in the assessment process for identification for GT students.

* 6. Nominations are open to all students, regardless of race, ethnicity, socio-economic status or other identified exceptionalities.

* 7. Kindergarten students are nominated and assessed for identification in the primary talent pool.

* 8. Identified GT students have the opportunity to receive gifted services pre-college prep, college prep (CP), Advanced Placement (AP) and/or dual enrollment classes at the middle and high school level.

* 9. Gifted students have the opportunity to work with other gifted students.

* 10. My child's teacher(s) understand the characteristics and needs of gifted children.

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