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RehaTech4Child (“Motor REHAbilitation TEChnologies for CHIldren with Disability: A Cross-European Survey”) is a survey about technologies used in pediatric motor rehabilitation. It is led by the European Academy of Childhood Disability (EACD;
Digital technologies are electronic tools, systems, devices, and resources that rely on a microprocessor to generate, store, or process data. In motor rehabilitation, digital technologies can be used in robotic devices, treadmills with body weight support systems, virtual reality/ gaming systems, and telehealth.

This survey aims to identify the digital rehabilitation devices that are used in clinical practice throughout Europe. It also aims to know more about how professionals use, or do not use, digital technologies in motor rehabilitation for the paediatric population. These insights will eventually contribute to the design and development of future technologies based on the feedback of experts in the rehabilitation field. For this reason, your responses truly matter!
Even if you are not users of digital technologies, we would greatly appreciate your feedback on each one. Your opinion is essential to the success of this survey!
We invite you to participate in this study by responding to this short questionnaire. The estimated time to complete the questionnaire is approximately 15 minutes. Furthermore, we would greatly appreciate if you could share this questionnaire with other professionals in your network.
Your participation is anonymous and complies with ethical standards*.
The results of this survey will be published in academic journals.

*By submitting your response, you consent to these terms.
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