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* 1. Apply branching logic in flow builder

Creating complex flows got a lot easier. You can now split exported data into different “branches” and then import each one into a different destination application, or send the records to a lookup for processing. You can also modify, delete, and merge branches as needed.

Set branching conditions using either rules or JavaScript. Two branching types are available:

- First matching branch – Records flow through only the first branch where the conditions are met
- All matching branches – Records flow through all branches where the conditions are met

You will see a change in Flow Builder with options for branching and enhancements for navigating horizontally and vertically. Existing flows will not be impacted by these changes.

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* 2. Multifactor authentication

Protect your data from malicious intruders by enabling multifactor authentication (MFA).

Three factors most strongly verify identity:

- Something you know
– a password
- Something you have
– a trusted mobile device
- Something you are
– fingerprint, face, retina, or other biometric identifier

The more factors required for access, the more difficult it becomes for bad actors to plunder your data with a stolen profile. Use any MFA authenticator app that supports time-based one-time passwords (TOTPs) to verify identities with mobile devices to reduce security risks.

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* 3. Audit tab now includes Access logs

The familiar per-integration audit log tracks changes to resources, such as flows, exports, and imports. Customers have also been asking for details about other activity, especially since additional administrator-level roles were introduced. Check out the new account-level Audit log tab (click the avatar at the top right of the screen and select My account). You can now see additional activity for even more resources across your account, including user status changes; integration and resource modifications and deletions by each user and IP address; agent changes; and single sign-on logs.

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* 4. New connectors

Prebuilt connectors are now available for Amazon Redshift (under the Databases section) and Bundle B2B. Updates to your account for the Narvar and Workday prebuilt connectors will follow this release. 

The new Amazon Redshift connector – found under Databases when you create a connection – better supports data warehouse integration. The existing HTTP-based connector appears under the Connectors section and has been renamed Amazon Redshift (REST API).

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