AAHN 2017 Nominations

The nominating committee invites AAHN members to submit nominations for potential candidates to serve on the AAHN Board of Directors and nominating committee. A slate of candidates will be prepared based on the information provided.

Please complete the nomination form and email your photo to avanwasshnova@kellencompany.com no later than April 4.

Officers are expected to attend the two Board meetings each year in the spring and fall. For specific responsibilities please see {Article VI, Section 7} of the Bylaws.

* This information will accompany the ballot. Please enter it as it should appear on our candidate web page.

* AAHN office you are seeking:

* Please complete a statement of interest in the future of the AAHN (<75 Words). Your statement will appear on the candidate page exactly as you type it.

* Offices held previously in AAHN:

* Offices held in other nursing, health, or history organizations:

* The following will not appear on the candidate page. Please complete it so that we may contact you if necessary.