1. Technology Acceptance

Technology is all around us and it drives the world more powerfully today than any other time. This survey is to understand the influence of various factors on Technological acceptance of Personal Computers.
Given below is a list of questions. Kindly go through the list and rate each one on a 5 point scale; 1 indicating strongly disagree and 5 indicating strongly agree.
Note: While rating please use the full range viz 1,2,3,4 and 5. This will help identify different weights for each item.

* 1. Using the PC would:

  1 2 3 4 5
1.Enable me to accomplish tasks more quickly.
2.Hamper my performance.
3.Increase my productivity.
4.Hamper my effectiveness while working.
5.Make it easier to carry my work home.
6.Hamper the quality of work I do.
7.Enhance my perceived competency among peers/colleagues.
8.Increase the peers/colleagues respect for me.
9.Decrease my chances of delivering exceptional results
10.Make my job much easier.
11.Give a greater control over my work.
12.Address my job related needs.
13.Save me time
14.Support critical aspects of my job.
15.Would allow me to accomplish more work than would otherwise be possible.
16.Help me reduce the time I spend on unproductive activities.
17.Enhance my effectiveness on the job.
18.Improve the quality of the work I do.
19.Make it easier to do my job.
20.Overall, I find the PC useful in my job.

* 2. Ease of Use

  1 2 3 4 5
1.Learning to operate the PC is easy for me.
2.I find it easy to get the PC to do what I want it to do.
3.My interaction with the PC is clear and understandable.
4.I find the PC to be flexible to interact with.
5.It is easy for me to become skillful at using the PC.
6.I find the PC easy to use.
7.Using the PC takes too much time from my normal duties.
8.Working with the PC is so complicated and difficult to understand.
9.I often become confused when I use the PC.
10.I could complete a task using the PC if I had a lot of time to complete the job.
11.I make errors frequently when using a PC.
12.Interacting with the PC is often frustrating.
13.I need to consult the user manual often when using PC.
14.Interacting with the PC requires a lot of my mental effort.
15.I find it easy to recover from errors encountered while using PC.
16.PC is rigid and inflexible to interact with.
17.I find it easy to get the PC to do what I want it to do.
18.PC often behaves in unexpected ways.
19.I find it cumbersome to use the PC.
20.My interaction with the PC is easy for me to understand.
21.It is easy for me to remember how to perform tasks using the PC.
22.PC provides helpful guidance in performing tasks.
23.Overall, I find the PC easy to use.
24.I could complete a task using the PC if there was no one around to tell me what to do as I go.
25.I feel apprehensive about using the PC.
26.I could complete a task using the PC if I could call someone to help if I got stuck
27.It scares me to think that I could lose a lot of information by using the PC and hitting the wrong key.
28.I hesitate using the PC for fear of making mistakes that cannot correct.
29.The PC is somewhat intimidating to me.
30.I could complete a task using the PC if I had seen someone else demonstrate how it could be used.
31.Using the PC is a good idea.
32.I dislike the idea of using the PC.
33.I could complete a task using the PC if I had just the built in help facility for assistance.
34.Using the PC is pleasant experience.
35.The PC makes schoolwork more interesting.
36.Using the PC is fun.
37.Whenever possible, I intend to use the PC in my studies.
38.I perceive using the PC as involuntary.
39.I plan to use the PC in the next three months.
40.To the extent possible, I would use PC to do different things.