The Program Needs You!

Your chance to really impact the Program!

Contribute to the development and continual improvement of the CEHL Housing Program by joining the Co-op Program Committee (CPC)!

The CEHL Board has created this committee to tackle big decisions and changes that affect the Program as a whole and to ensure that we have a truly co-op led Program.

The committee will include four co-op members, an independent chair, a co-op expert, and two Board members. It is vital that co-op voices are heard and considered and that is why you should join the Cooperative Program Committee.

Being a member of this Committee will ensure co-ops’ point of view is critical to decisions and changes being made to the Program.

In the past, when the CEHL Board needed to hear member Co-op views about significant Program decisions or critical changes, a single topic Advisory Group has been established. Usually, this has been made up of co-op members and independent experts to consult with co-op members and make recommendations to the CEHL Board. The Rent Model Advisory Group (RMAG) was one of these committees.

The Cooperative Program Committee, in contrast, will be an ongoing committee considering a range of important issues. This committee will be working on several different projects including important questions about the program’s future and engagement between co-ops and CEHL.

Applications for this position will be open until 28 April 2021.

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