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* 1. Please indicate the extent to which you agree that these strengths exist at St. Patricks.

  Strongly Agree Somewhat Agree Somewhat Disagree Strongly Disagree Don't Know
Parishoners gather together as friends and family.
Parishoners share the same values.
Parishoners come together to help each other out when they have a problem.
Parishoners trust each other.
Parishoners believe in the importance of stewardship.
Parishoners are generous with their time and talent.
Parishoners feel a strong connection with our church.
Parishoners are very friendly.
Our parish has a good personal contact follow-up system for newcomers.
Our parish is effective in ministering to the needs of people in the local community.
Our parish should be more proactive to increase the number of people reached by our service ministries.