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Project Overview
In May 2020, we implemented a "Keep Moving Street" at Alki Point where the street is closed to pass-through traffic* and opened to people walking and biking. See map below. We’re seeking community feedback on what’s going well, what isn’t, and what types of permanent improvements we should make to the street at Alki Point.

Keep Moving Streets were opened in coordination with Seattle Parks and Recreation as part of the City of Seattle's COVID-19 response. They are located adjacent to popular destinations, like Constellation Park on Alki Point, and were part of the City's response to support social distancing. The Alki Keep Moving Street is different than Stay Healthy Streets, which were installed on existing Neighborhood Greenways.

At this time, the project team is working to secure funding for a permanent project on Alki Point.

*Only open to local-vehicle access

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Alki Point Keep Moving Street- Current Project Map

Alki Point Keep Moving Street- Current Project Map
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