1. Rate the Risk

Harry's Drug Risk Parlor game originated at the 2008 Annual Pharmaceutical Sales & Marketing Executive Congress, held in Rockville, MD. Harry Sweeney, former CEO of Dorland Sweeney ad agency, introduced it this way:

Imagine a scale in front of you with a zero at one end and a ten at the other. Zero is extremely risky (not safe) and ten is ex-tremely safe. Put your finger somewhere on the scale in answer to the question: “How safe are prescription drugs?”

“Imagine doing this in a roomful of people more representative of the general public,” said Sweeney. “If you don’t have a baseline for what people’s understanding of risk, how are you going to move the needle to where it ought to be?”

* 1. How Safe Are Prescription Drugs?

  Not Safe (Extremely Risky) Extremely Safe (Not Risky)
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