The Arizona Broadcasters Association has finalized two 2020 proposals that require a majority vote from the membership. The first proposal changes the 2020 member dues structure. The second proposal outlines a 2020 board of directors lineup.

Each member station/group has one vote for each proposal, and those votes can be cast in two ways:
  1. An in-person vote at an annual meeting open to all members on October 10, 2019. This meeting will be held at 11 am at ABC15 Arizona, 515 N 44th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85008
  2. A digital vote right now using the below form in lieu of coming to the October 10 meeting. Digital proxy votes must be cast no later than October 9, 2019 at 12:00pm. 
In order for both proposals to be approved, a quorum of the members must cast a virtual or in-person ballot. 

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Over the last 6 months, the ABA has asked for station feedback on a modified dues proposal that would go into effect for 2020 and beyond. Thanks to your feedback, the ABA is now formally asking for approval on a modified membership dues structure as follows.

In summary, this proposal reduces annual member dues for 65% of our members. Rates stay flat for another 20% of members, and rates go up modestly (by a couple hundred dollars) for the remaining members.  This proposal accomplishes several needs. First, it simplifies the dues process. Our current structure has 28 different rates. This proposal nearly cuts that in half and prioritizes equity in membership support. This proposal also plans for the future and offers more rates that can fairly account for the potential of new duopolies without overburdening larger operators, as well as ensure that our smallest single-station operators have some relief and are able to continue their ABA membership long into the future. 

Here is the proposed dues structure: 

Commercial dues are determined by each station group’s average annual gross revenue. This revenue includes trade-outs, non-broadcast revenue and agency/other sales commissions.

$500,000 or less                        $250 (previously $270)

$500,001 to $999,000                $500 (previously $550)

$1 Million to $4.9 Million           $750 (previously $715, $790, $920)

$5 Million to $9.9 Million           $1,000 (previously $1075, $1,235, $1390, $1550, $1,705)

$10 Million to $14.9 Million        $2,500 (previously $1,890, $2,075, $2,180, $2,440)

$15 Million to $19.9 Million        $3,500 (previously $2,650, $3,490)

$20 Million to $24.9 Million        $4,500 (previously $4,540)

$25 Million to $30.0 Million        $5,500 (previously $5,855)

$30 Million to $39.9 Million        $6,500 (previously $6,115)

$40 Million to $49.9 Million        $10,000 (previously $10,000)

$50 Million to $59.9 Million        $12,500 (clarifies duopoly dues level)

$60 Million to $69.9 Million        $15,000 (clarifies duopoly dues level)

$70 Million or more                    $20,000 (clarifies duopoly dues level)


Phoenix:                                  $550 Radio and $1,100 TV (previously $400/$1,000)

Tucson:                                    $300 Radio and $800 TV (previously $300/$750)

Small Market:                          $100 Radio and $200 TV (previously $150/$250)



All organizations                       $300 (same)

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The ABA is also asking for approval on a slate of candidates for the 2020 Arizona Broadcasters Association Board of Directors. While our trade organization is led by a President & CEO, it is governed by a rotating board of directors that represent the membership of the organization.

THE ABA is hoping to induct the entire slate of candidates listed below. Please check the box next to each candidate you endorse. Here is the proposed 2020 Executive Committee for approval:

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* Please check the box next to each candidate you endorse. Below are the proposed Directors:

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* Looking ahead to 2020, is there one or two services, programs or initiatives that you would like to see your Arizona Broadcasters Association more deeply focus on?