We are interested in learning about the current practices of pediatricians in Westchester County regarding concussion management for adolescents and communication with their schools. We hope to use this information to understand current practice and determine educational needs. Our goal is to help to improve communication with families/schools and to develop strategies to keep pediatricians current in this rapidly changing area.

The survey is anonymous and your responses are confidential. All data will be reported in aggregate. The survey should take about 5-10 minutes to complete. Results of the survey will be provided through the local AAP chapter (NYS chapter 3) or will be available on request. Thank you for helping us to gain a better understanding of current practice in concussion management !

Please answer the following questions with high school students (ages 13-18) and their parents/caregivers in mind.

* 1. When you see a teen following a concussion incident, how often do you instruct the teen and/or parents to look for specific symptoms following the incident?

* 2. Specifically, how do you prepare teens/parents for symptom monitoring. [ Check all that apply ]

* 3. Rate your level of confidence in managing concussions in teens.

* 4. Do you recommend cognitive rest after a concussion incident?