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* 1. What was the reason for your most recent visit to All Pets?

* 2. Were you greeted promptly and politely?

* 3. Please rate each part of your visit:

  Excellent Good Fair Poor
Making an appointment
Checking in
Examination of my pet
Medical/health recommendations
Check out

* 4. Why do you choose to utilize the services at All Pets Veterinary Clinic? Check all that apply.

* 5. Did you receive the level of care that you expected?

* 6. Regarding the cost of the services and products that you received, do you feel that:

* 7. Please rate each employee based on their level of service, care, and compassion. If you did deal with an employee or do not know who they are, mark "N/A."

  N/A Excellent Good Fair Poor
Dr. Karen Blakeley
Kylee Bull (vet asst.)
Julie Pierce (kennel and grooming asst.)
Hanna Roth (vet asst and receptionist)
Laura Unglesbee (receptionist)
Debbie (office manager/receptionist)
Melody Ward (vet asst.)
Jane (groomer
Laci McMahill (kennel)
Karen Morgan (kennel)
Dr. Lisa Noel
Jennifer Smith (vet assistant)
Katie Van Slotten (vet assistant)

* 8. Was there any part of your visit that was disappointing or negative?

* 9. Do you have any unresolved issues/concerns that you would like to address? If yes, please explain. If you would like someone to call you leave your name and number.

* 10. All Pets is dedicated to providing exceptional service and quality care to you and your pet. Please feel free to make any other comments, good or bad, that will allow us to serve you better. Thanks for your time! We appreciate your comments.