Just because an automation system is old, increased maintenance and support costs may not be adequate to justify replacement. Making a decision to migrate from the legacy system to a new one has to be viewed as a business decision. As such, it competes with all other potential business decisions and projects that require capital investment. In most cases it makes sense to postpone the expense of the migration for as long as possible…just as long as this doesn’t represent a threat to the business, process, or personnel. Is this always true? Could gradually increasing maintenance cost lead to excessively high system life cycle costs? Or have some companies found value in updating their automation?
The purpose of this survey is to quantify the business value opportunities created with modern automation deployment or modifications.
If you are a stakeholder or a champion and are involved in justifying automation improvements at your facility, then ARC invites you to participate in this survey.

Respondents can view preliminary results immediately after they take the survey, and all will receive a FREE copy of the results after the research is completed.

Privacy Concerns: Individual responses will be considered confidential and only aggregate information will be shared. ARC Advisory GRoup will not share your contact information or your company name with any party.

If you have questions about the survey, please contact:

Peter Reynolds
Senior Consultant
ARC Advisory Group