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* 1. What class did your child/children attend?

* 2. Did you feel safety was a priority with the staff?

* 3. For Day Program participants... What format do you prefer?

* 4. What additional programs would you like us to offer? Please describe.

* 5. What would you like more of?

* 6. What would you like to see less of? Please tell us your experience.

* 7. Please rank the following

  Disappointed Very Good Excellent Exceeded my expectations
Overall instruction
Overall safety
Quality if equipment
Professionalism of instructors
Knowledge of instructors
Program communication
Cost of program

* 8. Nonmembers, did you take advantage of guest pass for lunch or dinner?

* 9. Would you recommend program to your family and friends?

* 10. Please add any additional comments that will help us improve our program.