Award Categories

As part of the 2016 Neighborhood Summit there will be three awards:  Community Catalyst of the Year, Lifetime Achievement Award, and Making Your Place. 

Nominations are now being accepted for the following awards:

Community Catalyst of the Year
A volunteer in a community organization whose energy and ideas lead to a project or program that gets community members involved and excited, that produces good outcomes and results in increased neighborhood engagement

Lifetime Achievement Award
This award will be given to an individual, inside or outside of a community organization, whose life and work has benefited all of Cincinnati, through creating inclusiveness, increasing the viability of community activities and organizations, and supporting neighborhoods and neighborhood leaders.

Making Your Place 
This award goes to an outstanding project that brings together people and place to strengthen and transform a community, has had a sustainable impact, and has occurred within the last three years

Nominations will be accepted through Wednesday February 3, 2016.

Follow the links to make your nominations. You can make nominations for all of the awards, or for a particular award

Please complete all the information requested per nomination.  Incomplete nominations will not be considered

Thank you!
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