The Historic District Commission is updating its Rules & Procedures document. This document governs the decision making processes of the Commission. This survey is an effort to allow residents and property owners in Charlotte’s local historic districts to review the existing document and provide suggestions for improvement.

How it Works
The document is formatted by section headings. As you review each section the survey will have a corresponding form listing two choices: 1. I am fine with the wording of this section and 2. I have comments about this section. If you do not have comments select that choice and click ‘Next’ for the following section. If you have comments select that choice and provide succinct questions or suggestions.

Follow Up
At the conclusion of the survey staff will collect the responses and present them at a public meeting to discuss final recommendations.
We appreciate your time in helping us with improving the Charlotte Local Historic District program.

Click here to view the Charlotte Historic District Commission Rules & Procedures document (and go to page 3)