The Magenta Mantle flower essence formula was initially introduced in response to the Oakland, California fire in 1991. Since then, this formula has been used in many places around the world for land and community-based regeneration, including use in Japan for the ongoing effects of the Fukushima disaster.

However, while FES has received reports on the effects of its use in afflicted areas, the research is not nearly complete. As someone who has purchased Magenta Mantle in the past, we are asking you to please report on your experience using Magenta Mantle so that we can further understand its potential and application. We thank you for your contribution to this research effort!

* 1. Name

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* 4. Professional affiliation or lifestyle context for using flower essences

* 5. Please briefly tell us the situation in which you used Magenta Mantle

* 6. Why did you decide to use it?

* 7. What issues, properties or particular phenomena were you trying to address?

* 8. How was the formula administered (i.e., how often was it used; how was it applied; how long administered in this particular case)?

* 9. Were any other applications used in conjunction with the formula?

* 10. What effects and/or changes did you or others notice as a result? For example, observe and compare with any adjacent land that did not get the treatment. Also, what were the detailed observational notes of land, plants, and animals?

* 11. Did a person/people use the formula internally or topically? If so, what issues, properties or particular phenomena were trying to be addressed?

* 12. What effects and/or changes did you or others notice as a result?

Founded in 1979, the Flower Essence Society is a leading professional, world-wide organization of health practitioners, researchers, and educators who are working to deepen the therapeutic practice of flower essence therapy. A cornerstone of our research involves case reports; your report of any length or type is vital for our research program.
Confidentiality - All information received is maintained with a strict code of confidentiality. We preserve the anonymity of all case studies and testimonials, unless permission to release is specifically granted.

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We appreciate your responses to this survey and contribution to the ongoing research of Magenta Mantle. Feel free to contact the Flower Essence Society anytime by email: Thank you!