Application to Girls E Mentorship 2018-19 Program

Dear GEM Applicant

Thank you for your interest in the 2018-19 GEM Program. Each year we select a cohort of ambitious young women to be matched with a GEM Mentor and participate in our exclusive GEM events. 

The spots in our program are competitive and we carefully screen each application. Please ensure the information you provide is thorough and correct. 

* 1. Your Information

* 2. Date of Birth

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* 3. School Name

* 6. Do you live in a single parent home?

* 7. Do you identify as: (choose all that apply to you)

* 9. What career fields interest you the most? (rank with 1 being most interested)

* 10. What is your dream career?

* 11. What subjects do you enjoy studying the most?

* 12. What subjects do you find most challenging?

* 13. Please identify any academic or extra- circular programs you will be participating in next year? (TOPS, BSAP, student council, clubs, sports, arts/music etc.)

* 14. What are your career or educational goals?

* 15. How open are you to sharing personal values and learning about the differences in values of your mentor?

* 16. What are your hobbies?

* 17. What are you hoping to get out of this opportunity at GEM? 

* 18. GEM provides tools and support to develop future female leaders. We believe that growth is possible through direct access to successful mentors and career/leadership development events. The program is fully funded and designed to inspire and empower ambitious, diverse, young women who may lack resources and face barriers.

Please identify any barriers or obstacles that are in the way of your dreams/goals

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