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* 1. How do these types of clutter affect your life?

  doesn't bother me at all causes some stress drives me crazy!!!
CALENDAR (too many things on it)
WARDROBE (too much stuff yet nothing to wear / can't find what you need)
WORK + DESK (know there's got to be a way to work better)
GENERAL clutter (under beds, in drawers, closets, on top of flat surfaces...)
RELATIONSHIPS (issues with / draining)
VIRTUAL (can't find what you need on your computer + not using technology efficiently)
PHOTO + MOMORABILIA (what to do with?!)
PURSE clutter
EMAIL clutter (too many unread, decisions to make waiting in in-box)
TO DO'S of all sizes (short & long term)
PAPER (stacks on counter to filing "system")
MIND clutter ("I need to do's", "I can't forget to do's", "What am I forgetting?"...)
CAR clutter
FINANCIAL clutter (budget to bill paying)
KID clutter (why can't my kids pick up after selves?!, etc)