District of Invermere
Short Term Rental Accommodation Survey

The District of Invermere is seeking to collect your input relating to short term rentals within the community. 

Within Invermere, the use of homes for short term rentals has been an ongoing issue for several years.  Some property owners in residential areas are using their homes for short term rental accommodation to generate revenue while they are away or on a permanent basis.  Short term rental accommodation is simply the renting out of a fully furnished residential home, condo, townhouse, etc. for less than 30 days.   This use is currently not a permitted use in most residential zones and potentially creates an unfair playing field for hotels and motels while impacting the residential neighborhoods with increased traffic, noise and parking issues.  However, most tourist based communities are trying to ensure proper regulation to permit this use through zoning and business licencing processes.

The District is seeking your input through a simple survey on our Facebook page and at www.invermere.net via survey monkey to assist us in creating policy options to effectively manage the impacts of short term rentals within our existing neighborhoods.

Please ensure you provide us your opinion regarding short term rental accommodation.  For more information, please contact Chris Prosser, Chief Administrative Officer at 250-342-9281 or at cao@invermere.net.

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                        Phone: 250-342-9281
                        Email: info@invermere.net

Thank-you for your assistance in helping to shape Invermere’s future. The deadline to submit the survey is May 31st, 2018.

* 1. What type of Invermere resident are you? (Select all that apply)

* 2. What type of home do you own?

* 3. Are there homes used for short term rental accommodation near your property/home?

* 4. Has your experience with short term rental accommodation been mostly positive, negative or neutral?

* 5. If you have had a positive experience, please indicate the reason why.

* 6. If you have had a negative experience, please indicate the reason why

* 7. Have you directly experienced any of the following impacts from short term rentals in Invermere (Check all that apply). 

If you have not directly experienced impacts, do you have any concerns about the following topics regarding short term rentals? (Check all that apply)

  Directly Experienced Have Concerns
Increased noise
Increased trash/litter
Increased traffic/speeding
Parking issues
Absence of property owner
Large gatherings
Loss of long term housing
Increased long term rental costs
Increased building and amenity usage
Safety and security

* 8. Do you think that short term rental accommodation options for visitors are beneficial for Invermere?

* 9. How do you feel about having one or more short term rental units in your neighborhood?

* 10. Do you support permitting property owners to offer short term rental accommodation in residential neighborhoods?

* 11. If yes to question 8, do you support the regulation and licensing of short term rentals through bylaws?

* 12. If no, what would you recommend the District do to control short term rentals?

* 13. Please provide us any additional comments you think would be useful to assist Council in making their final decision.