Dear colleague
Thanks for choosing to register for the ‘Engaging Coursework Masters Students in Research' Wednesday 26 November. You need only fill in questions 1-3 below to register.

However, the other questions (4-8) will make the day run better by helping me to understand your context and to gauge what concerns you about the research-related structure of the Masters program.

Question Title

* 1. Please provide your name, email address institution and responsibility/interest in masters by coursework

We will use the Research Skill Development framework (RSD) as a language in common on the 26th and as a springboard for ideas. You may find it helpful to visit the RSD website in advance of the day:

Some specific published articles:
Or videos

There will also be webinars in the buildup to the event:
1-2pm EDT
Friday 24 October: Introducing Masters students to the six facets of the RSD
Friday 31 October: Research mindedness vs technical research skills
Friday 7 November: Research projects/capstones/scholarship
Friday 21 November: Emerging Issues

For details see

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* 2. The program for the day is

Session 1 (9.00-10.00 am): Research skills relevant for Masters students
Session 2 (10.00-10.45 am): Participants’ experiences, current structures, examples
Session 3 (11.15-12.00 am): Planning an overview of your Masters program with RSD
Session 4 (12.00-1.00 pm): Planning individual courses with RSD
Session 5 (2.00-3.15 pm): Giving Masters students the vibe for engaging in research
Session 6 (3.15-4.00 pm): Planning the continuance of the Victorian cluster

Which parts will you attend?

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* 3. What is the length of Masters program(s) you are involved in?

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* 4. What is the research-related structure of the masters program(s) that you are concerned about? (you can tick more than one box).

Note 'capstone' means end of program component that 'finishes off' the program with a major experience, typically requiring a 1/2 semester or full semester load, or equivalent for part-time.

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* 5. How do students currently develop their research skills through the Masters program? How do you currently contribute or would like to contribute to students research skill development in a Masters program(s)?

Question Title

* 6. What is you current level of knowledge of, or use of the RSD framework?

Question Title

* 7. If you have used the RSD at Masters level in any way, shape or form, please provide a statement below about this. This could be from big picture use of the RSD down to the detail of assessment criteria.

We will use examples in the session at 10am. If you would like attribution for your contribution, please say so.

If you can provide electronic examples of RSD use at Masters level, you can email them to me.

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* 8. Do you have any specific questions about the RSD, or implementing the RSD in coursework Masters ?

We look forward to seeing you for registration:

Monash University Clayton Campus
Matheson Library Building 64
Level 2
ISB2 Meeting Room

8.30 am. 9am sharp start on Wednesday 26th November

John Willison
(08) 83133219