1. Press Time Survey of the Week

* 1. Last week, we learned that a popular local restaurant doesn’t have a website. What archaic method must they be using to get information to their customers?

* 2. On last week’s Bachelor finale, Jason Mesnick ditched his fiancé of six weeks and went with runner-up Melissa. Which real-life runner-up nearly fell out of his/her chair, wishing he/she had that kind of luck?

* 3. Twitter’s popularity grew by leaps and bounds last week, with news reports galore and even a mention by Sen. McCain in a speech. What’s the most annoying thing about Twitter?

* 4. Last weekend’s Food & Wine Festival was a huge success, according to several sources. Some will say it was because of the terrific weather, but we think it was because of the booze in the title. Which Charleston festival should get a little inebriated?