1. Survey Questions

* 1. What animal have gills?

* 2. Where do you breathe if you have lungs?

* 3. Which animals have lungs?

* 4. What happens to a dolphins blow hole when they go under water?

* 5. Can turtles breath under and above water?

* 6. What is an endangered under water mammal in NY, MA, NY, and PA?

* 7. What states out of Newyork, Pennsylavania, Massachutes, or Newjersey have the most endangered under water mammals?

* 8. Do mammals breath under water?

* 9. DO you think mammals live under water because of evolution?(Regular mammals live on land. Mabe they evolved from something)

* 10. What do you think of animals who don't have gills but live under water any way?