This survey is designed to collect information about the current state of counselling for people with tuberculosis (TB). The information collected through this survey, as well as findings from the analysis of current TB treatment guidelines, will be used to develop recommendation on improving the situation with counselling for people with TB. For this reason, this survey should only be completed by healthcare professionals (doctors and nurses), who provide care to people with TB.

We guarantee that no personal information about you will ever be disclosed or passed to third parties. 

Questions marked with asterisk (*) require an answer. If you find it difficult to answer a question that is not marked with an asterisk, you can skip it, but we would be extremely grateful if you could answer questions as comprehensively and frankly as you can.

This survey should not take more than half an hour of your time to complete it. Please, remember, your participation is very valuable and can help improve the situation for millions of people who are diagnosed with TB globally every year.

Thank you very much for participating!!!