2024 Floyd County Parks and Recreation Community Outreach Survey

1.What is your full name?(Required.)
2.Which park do you visit the most?
3.How satisfied are you with the experience at your most visited park?
4.What activities do you enjoy at this park?
5.How satisfied are you with the cleanliness and maintenance of your most visited park?
6.What improvements or activities would you like to see in this park?
7.What other parks do you visit in the County?
8.If you seldom visit or do not visit a park, why?
9.What forms of recreation would you like to see in Floyd County?
10.Are there any recreational activities for which you regularly travel out of county? Where?
11.If you would like to learn more about volunteer opportunities at Floyd County Parks and Recreation, please enter your e-mail address.
12.Additional comments
13.What is your age?
14.What is your zip code?
15.How many children under the age of 18 live with you?
16.How long have you lived or worked in Floyd County?
17.With which race or ethnicity do you most closely identify?
18.What is your household income?
19.What is your highest level of education?