Dear parents,

For 2 school years you child has been involved in the Comenius project "Cross Perspectives on Exile". We would appreciate if you filled in the below questionnaire to help us with our final evaluation of the project.

* 1. You child is in:

* 2. Do you know what the project is about?

* 3. How did you learned about it?

* 4. Your child has participated in any project mobility?

* 5. As far as you know, was this a positive experience for your child?

* 6. How much do you think that the project issues (immigration / emigration, exile, racism, xenophobia, discrimination) are important, if you consider the latest events in the world?

* 7. Did your child learned anything about the following subjects? (You can select several options)

* 8. Would you lend your support to another Comenius project based on your experience of this one?

* 9. Do you think that your child's involvement in the project was:

* 10. Do you have any suggestions to help us improve the school's future European cooperation activity? (You may answer in Romanian)