Arkansas Ophthalmological Society | January 25, 2018

* 1. 6-year-old boy under general anesthesia has 3 chalazia excised at the ASC; Two upper right and one upper left. Correct claim submission for CPT code 67808 Chalazion excision under general anesthesia and/or requiring hospitalization, single or multiple is:

* 2. No matter the payer, documentation requirements prior to bilateral upper eyelid functional blepharoplasties include: Visual fields taped and untaped; Photos; and Functional complaint in the patient’s own words.

* 3. The anti-VEGF drug you inject is free. Which of the following statements is correct?

* 4. Medicare Mom from Florida (First Coast) undergoes cataract surgery in her left eye. Her daughter who lives in Georgia (Cahaba) prearranges for Mom to receive all postop care while staying with her. Which of the following statements is true?

* 5. If I am only injecting 25 units of Botox for blepharospasm, then the wise choice is to draw from the cosmetic 50-unit vial rather than the 100-unit vial.

* 6. When the surgeon removes tubes, sutures or gold weights outside of the global period, is this billbable?

* 7. When is it appropriate to adjust off commercial payer copays, deductibles and balances?

* 8. A practice hires a new ophthalmologist and is in the process of credentialing. During the waiting period, the new ophthalmologist sees patients and bills for services under the senior ophthalmologists NPI. Is this correct billing?

* 9. When an exam, CPT code 92240 ICG and CPT code 92250 Fundus photos are performed on the right eye, how should the claim be submitted?

* 10. A new patient who is in the hospital is transported to our office for an examination. They are then transported back to the hospital. How is the claim submitted?

* 11. Patient is s/p cataract surgery, OD, ten days and has new complaint of FBS in OS. CPT code 67820 Epilation takes place same day. How should this claim be submitted?

* 12. When is it appropriate to unbundle CPT codes 15823 Blepharoplasty and 67904 Ptosis repair with modifier -59?

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