The Government of the Carcross/Tagish First Nation are currently developing a use plan for Chilih Dzele (Montana Mountain). Montana Mountain is Category A Lands and their use is at the full discretion of the First Nation. C/TFN understands that there are many people and groups who enjoy the beauty and environment of Montana Mountain, and wants to develop a plan for respecting the mountain that considers the needs of the entire community. 
Please answer a few questions so that Montana Mountain can be enjoyed by the community in a respectful manner.

* 1. Where do you live?

* 2. Are you a Carcross/Tagish First Nation Citizen?

* 3. We have developed some zone types based on community input. What do you think about these zone types?

  There are areas on Montana that should have this zone This zone has no use on Montana Mountain I don't know
1.No-Go: areas where access is restricted to protect areas of spiritual, cultural and environmental importance
2.Seasonal Access only: areas that can be used during some seasons, but access is restricted during specific seasons (for example calving season)
3.Non-motorized only: Areas that can only be accessed by pedal bike or on foot. 
4.Motorized vehicles allowed: Areas where cars, trucks, quads, dirt bikes, and snow machines are allowed.
5. Contaminated: Areas that need to be cleaned up and can be re-zoned after
6. Temporary habitation: Areas where campsites or temporary shops could be set up
7. Permanent Construction: Areas where housing or buildings could be built. 

* 4. Are there any other types of zones that should be included?

* 5. Please describe any areas on the mountain that you think should be zoned a specific way.

* 6. Would you like to be more involved with Montana Mountain?

* 7. Please share any other comments or concerns you have about Montana Mountain