Volunteers needed: The CAS would like to pilot two new research communities of interest:

1)      Predictive Modeling

2)      Health Care

The community members themselves led by a community moderator will determine the particular topics within these two broad categories to discuss. The goals being to explore and disseminate research.

The ideal community volunteer will be one who is experienced in either of these categories, can set aside the time to communicate electronically with others (it could be from 2 to 10  hours a month), is interested in research, and is willing to lead certain research initiatives within the community, as appropriate. This does not necessarily mean undertaking research themselves but could be new call paper programs, funded research, literature searches, etc.

For a community of interest to begin, one of the volunteers needs to be the community moderator to initiate conversations, guide discussions and encourage smaller groups to address particular research opportunities to focus on a specific deliverable. If you are interested in being a moderator, please view the moderator’s guide.

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